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Location:United States of America

Name: Death


  • One of the two oldest things in existence.

  • May be older than God, but neither of them can remember who is

  • May have come into existence right after the first living beings
    were created.

  • Described the Galaxy as an infant compared to him.

  • Described Lucifer as a child throwing a tantrum.


  • May be able to kill God

  • Can kill angels, archangels, humans, and other living things with
    a thought.

  • Can rearrange celestial events, like the eclipse needed to open

  • Can affect weather, if he wants to.

  • Can teleport, where ever he wants to go.

  • Can put up mental walls, among other things

  • Can raise the dead, but usually doesn't

  • Is invulnerable

  • Needs no key to enter Lucifer's cadge.

  • Near omniscience- He doesn’t know everything about everything,
    but almost. For example: he can’t read minds.
    Can tell the true nature of supernatural
    beings, even when disguised

  • Can summon his scythe

  • He can be seen when he wants to be, and be invisible when he


  • It might be possible that he can be killed by
    his own scythe, but we don’t know if that is true.

  • He can be bound by the correct spell.

  • God can bind and trap him. Not sure if He can
    completely destroy Death.

  • His Ring may be how he gains his ability to
    reap souls. It could be that it is a limiter, his power is limited when
    it is not worn, while it isn’t when he is wearing it. He cannot destroy
    a soul.



  • He is one of the
    two oldest things in existence and he acts like it. Humans are like
    bacteria to him. He has no real positive or negative feelings towards
    them, although he seems to like Dean Winchester. He even went as far as
    to bring Dean a bacon dog and beer once.

  • Ask him how old he is, and he can’t remember anymore. To him
    Angels are like children, even the
    Archangels. He did find the Leviathan entertaining though.

  • He also has an affinity for human junk food, he is almost always
    eating something, he
    even let Chicago live because the pizza was good.


    We never see his true form in canon, but he shows up on Earth as
    a very skinny tall man wearing a black suit with tie.
  • He has a cane with an ornate silver handle that he carries with
    him almost everywhere.

  • His looks can be described as skeletal. He has hazel eyes and
    black hair.

  • He also wears a silver ring set with a squared off white stone or

  • He is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He drives a
    pale grey 1959 Cadillac Series 62.

  • Note for Milicanon: He has a habit of changing form depending on the creature he is talking to. So, when he is speaking with children he is a child version of himself, who likes sweets and child's games. While those adults who look on might see his adult form interacting in a totally different way.

  • For my uses, Death’s true form is a smokey mass with a great
    feathered headdress and seven pairs of black feathered wings. No face, but more eyes
    than you can count floating in the mass that is his body. The hands of this form, when they emerge, are taloned and cruel. Also note that his true form is huge! Angels in the series are huge, Castiel saying his true form is about the size of the Christler building. I suspect Death to be about the same in size possibly a little taller. But his form is also a little more fluid, always in flux.

Death is from Supernatural, and is the property of name of Eric
Kripke and The WB. They appear here solely for the purpose of
role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar,
[community profile] panfandomsandbox, and [community profile] mixed_muses,
from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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